Del Segato

Who We Are

The company is born in 1976 by the father of the actual owners; it was furnisher of fittings and formworks maintenance for a local leader-company in the field of cement prefabrication.

Through the years we acquired a long experience in the sector of formworks and machines for prefabricated elements, as well as for metal structural works, mechanical, structural in general and all our equipment could be complete of project pictures, electrical systems, oil-pressure systems, pneumatic systems, certifications, assembling assistance ,and final test with start-up for the correct starting of systems.
Moreover we are organized for every type of transport, both national and international.
Our legal and operative seat is in Montepulciano St. (province Siena) , it is near to the principal streets and highways.
Our company works in a covered space of 2.000 mq , giving us the possibility to house the fittings and machines that are necessary to create every kind of request coming from the reference market. Our work force is composed by 13 dependents.

We have a private Ufficio Tecnico ( technical office) with professional people who are regularly entered at the Register of engineers, they have a productive experience in the field of projecting and realizing prefabrication systems and metal structures in general.
We are able to issue every necessary certification and their structural calculations.
The Company is certificated :
ISO 3834-2:2006 for the control of welding process
It is going to be completed ISO 9001:2008 for the quality process

Our operators are qualified and specialized in welding by following the norm UNI EN 287 and they are certified with the licence issued by the Istituto Italiano Saldatura (IIS).
The most important things for us are: the quality of the product, the satisfaction of the customer and the precision with which the engagements are honoured.

We get from a long time a technical knowledge that make us able to realize different projects and we always take care with attention and seriousness of :
-Planning and controlling the job orders;
-Preparing the executive project with designs complete with calculations through our technical office to satisfied the costumer.
-Building and controlling the product by making test and specific assembling, following the arrangements taken with the costumer.

The FRATELLI DEL SEGATO s.n.c. has chosen products, thanks to the research of modern technologies and to the qualification of their personal.

The qualitative preservation of their Costumers’ satisfaction is always at the base of the FRATELLI DEL SEGATO s.n.c.,it takes care of the structural and project needs of their products, so that it will offer the higher technical support and after-sale assistance thanks to their long experience.


© 2019 F.lli Del Segato Luigi, Emanuele & C. snc
Sede Legale: Via dei Canneti, 8 - 53045 Montepulciano - Siena - Italy
Sede Operativa: Via Monza, 21 - 53045 Montepulciano Stazione - Siena - Italy

Ph. +39 0578 737029 - Fax +39 0578 737763 - P.I. 00627600521
CAP. SOC. I.V. € 12.000,00 – R.E.A. SI 116312

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